Dental Hygiene for Kids

Are you looking for a “children oriented” hygienist, serving young customers in a kids friendly office? Arctic Dental is at your service!

Lesya has more than 10 years of experience treating kids, toddlers & even babies for dental hygiene. Not only our customers get the best service, but also leave our office in a different state of mind, ready to take care about their teeth and gums hygiene!


It is important to teach kids healthy dental hygiene habits from an early age, and we all do that.

We make sure they brush twice a day, teach them how to floss, and try to minimize sugar in their diet and that sticky popsicles and candy, that are so notorious for undermining dental health. But regular dental care is more than that.

Benefits of Dental Hygiene for Kids:

Teeth protection for kids

  • Developing positive habits in oral hygiene;
  • Stress reduction for dental appointments and establishment of relationships with the dental team.
  • Personalized dental hygiene education of kids and their parents.
  • Assessments and recommendations for other problems

Dental hygiene for kids takes a special place, as it builds healthy habits for their entire life. It is all about trust and ability to establish that great relationship that will help kids to look forward to the next visit at the dental hygienist’s office.

We bring smiles to their faces when they visit our office. Our staff is just fantastic at educating kids during regular dental hygiene procedures and make them look forward to the next appointment. After all, we might know the tooth fairy in person!  

While you might sometimes think that up until the permanent teeth do not replace primary teeth the visits to the hygienist are not that important. Aren’t they all going to fall out after all?

But in reality, it is never to early to start. The plaque and tartar build-up on the primary teeth do spread the growth of bacteria and affects the all mouth tissues, including the new, permanent teeth, not to mention the formation of tooth cavities in both baby and new teeth.

Dental Sealants as part of Dental Hygiene for Kids

Dental sealants are very important to protecting your kids’ teeth from the appearance of cavities. We know they try hard to brush. But sometimes they are not too thorough, or genetics is letting them down when it comes to their teeth resistance to cavities. Also, any teeth that have deep pits or fissures are at significantly higher risk of forming cavities, as their surface retains bacteria that compromise their integrity in the long run.

During a routine examination, the Hygienist might be able to see that your’ kid’s teeth would require extra sealant in those hard to reach areas. It will add extra resistance and durability while being absolutely harmless and invisible.

If you are concerned about the cost of the procedures Ontario-wide government program Healthy Kids Ontario offers coverage of the hygienist’s procedures to eligible families in a low-income bracket.

Are you looking for a kid-friendly Dental Hygienist office that will be happy to help them and teach them about great Dental  Hygiene habits at the same time?

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