Welcome to my Arctic Dental Hygiene clinic!

My name is Lesya and I ’m a certified self-initiated independent dental hygienist(RDH) of Ontario. I have been in dental hygiene since 2008 and I truly love it. Knowledge and experience in this field allow me to help my clients and that is what I love about it the most. My practice goal is “to achieve excellence in Dental Hygiene“ that will bring more healthy and happy smiles to my clients.

Bringing attention to the aspects of dental hygiene in a casual conversation can make it much easier to understand the basics of oral care. And I love to see all the difference it makes!

We look forward to you becoming one of them as well!

Dental hygiene for me is more than just routine cleanings and procedures. It is a combination of treatments, education, advocacy, and guidance related to patients’ individual problems, lifestyle, and general health. I expand my consultations to patients’ diet, general health, and disease that have a direct impact on personal oral hygiene.

In my practice, I offer the convenience of different dental offices for the visits. Working together with different dental teams helps me to recommend the right specialist for any dental procedures when needed.

Looking forward to seeing you in the office!