Mobile Dental Hygiene Clinic

Dental hygiene is important for everyone’ health. But what about those people who have problems accessing the service for various reasons? Whether it is a long term illness confining them to bed in a hospital, or loss of mobility, or inability to leave their home because of an illness – with our Mobile Dental Hygiene clinic service we make sure that everyone has access to high-quality dental hygiene.

Our Mission

To improve patients oral hygiene, advocate and assist patients, caregivers, and families to have needed services to improve dental health and quality of life of everyone who needs it.


Our Mobile Dental Hygiene unit is created with those people in mind who would not have access to dental hygiene otherwise.

We bring our service to:

  • Clients in retirement homes;
  • People with mobility problems staying at home
  • People staying at home after accidents
  • Patients in hospitals
  • Sick kids
  • Patients in other medical facilities
  • Patients suffering from mental illness

  With our portable equipment, up to the latest standards in dental hygiene technology, we are able to provide the same quality of care as in the stationary dental hygiene office. We do our best to maintain the same level of standard of care and diagnostics.

mobile dental hygiene clinic - gta locationOur mobile service includes:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Polish and removing teeth stains
  • Fluoride & varnish treatments
  • Sealants (protective teeth materials for kids)
  • Sensitivity treatments
  • Whitening with all last technologies
  • Help to find and modify patients special oral hygiene tools
  • Help patients to understand their needs and provide specific information for further treatments and referrals.
  • Establish a professional support program to improve patients health and enjoy a high level of professional oral care.

People who are confined to a home, a hospital or a long term care facility already suffer from other health conditions. Their dental health is at higher risk, as it is already affected by other health-related factors. If sufficient preventive work not done on a regular basis, the dental health might be affected leading to loss of teeth, inflammations and gum disease.   

During our visits w,e will make sure all aspects of dental hygiene are covered and if during the routine cleaning we will notice that there is further dental work that needs to be done – we will refer to you the right dental professional on call.

We bring with us our dental hygiene expertise, care and understanding that will substantially improve the quality of your life and will make dental hygiene easy and accessible service.

All the regular insurance plans are accepted for during our mobile dental hygiene visits

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