Teeth Whitening

A bright open smile helps to establish personal and business relations. It boosts your self-confidence and improves the sense of well being overall. There is no point to be self-conscious about your smile when professional teeth whitening can be easily done during a hygienist visit.    

As time goes by, the teeth get inevitably duller and darker. Part of it is your diet and habits, that some of us are a bit better at controlling, and part of it is genetics that we can not change.  

Teeth Whitening

You might have seen a lot of advertising of in-home whitening kits, and maybe even tried a few off the shelf products. And by now,  probably you have noticed that they do not quite work as advertised.

The reason is simple – the kits off the shelf for in-home use are designed to “fit all” and do not take into consideration your individual specifics. And in most cases,  they are simply not powerful enough. Not to mention, the design of the trays and whitening strips is not working for all types of teeth.

Philips Zoom Professional Whitening System

At our office we use Philips Zoom Professional Whitening System, #1 client requested system in North America. It allows to adapt the process to achieve the desired results without damaging enamel or gums.

The Hygienist determines the strength of the ingredients application and the best method based on your enamel structure and current teeth color. The system we use also protects gums, so you do not experience unpleasant sensation after the procedure.

Attention! Before recommending teeth whitening at our office we do a thorough assessment and consultation. There are certain conditions when teeth whitening is not recommended.  


Will teeth whitening damage my enamel and make my teeth more sensitive?

When teeth whitening procedure is done by the professional hygienist, she examines your teeth first. If there are any pre-existing conditions the procedure will not be recommended, but it happens only in very rare cases. We would never recommend teeth whitening if it might affect your dental health.

The modern dentistry has a great selection of products engineered to whiten teeth without affecting the patient’s enamel, and without any negative side effects for their health. The procedure itself is absolutely painless and non-invasive and you can achieve a great looking smile during one visit.

Have you always wanted to have that great smile, but were not able to achieve it with off the shelf kits? Book a consultation at our office and your smile will be healthier and more beautiful than ever.