Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

A lot of my patients ask me about teeth whitening and how safe it is.

Here is what you should know about teeth whitening.

Teeth can be discoloured or vary in color for different reasons. They can be naturally dark yellow or gray, have bright white spots around, have outside brown stains from cigarettes, coffee, tea, etc.

Teeth whitening techniques and products are so different that everyone gets confused what is better and how to do it properly.

First of all, you should understand that different reasons of teeth discoloration can give you different results after teeth whitening. That is why, it is always recommended to consult with dental hygienist or dentist to tell if you are eligible for teeth whitening.

Generally, there will be no problem with whitening procedure if your teeth are healthy, have no crowns, no filling on front teeth, no cracks or there are no issues with receded gums. You should remember that crowns and restorations will stay the same color as before whitening because bleaching will whiten only natural teeth surfaces.

It is possible that if you do teeth whitening yourself, you might not foresee potential problems and you will end up damaging your teeth, have unexpected results, or very high teeth sensitivity.

What teeth whitening products are better?

All teeth whitening products contain different percentage of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. That is why you can expect different results at the end. Depending on how much whitening you want to achieve, you will need to use the right concentration of product.

The low percentage of whitening compound will help you get good result, but application will take longer time. Most of shelf market products have low percentage of the bleaching material. The high content of bleach is mostly used for professional whitening products and should be used very carefully to offer satisfactory results. Your dentist or hygienist should make an assessment and will recommend best possible whitening treatments for you.

The cost may vary from product to product based on all compounds and their quality.

How long teeth whitening results will last?

Professional whitening will give you a good result during one appointment and can last for over than a year. But it also will depend on how much staining products you use in your diet, or habits – such as wine, tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.

The quality of the professional teeth whitening products varies depending on brands, materials in their composition, as well as sensitivity release materials.

Safe teeth whitening vs not safe

Many non-dental professionals will offer whitening services in settings such as salons, spas, malls, and, even, cruise ships. It is not recommended to have whitening procedure done anywhere else but at dental professional offices. None of spa and salons professionals are educated enough to see the detailed problems of your teeth, or offer you a qualified consultation for whitening treatment based on your personal needs. They will not know how to deal with your teeth sensitivity, should it develop after.

How to deal with sensitive teeth after whitening.

There is a special treatment for sensitivity after whitening procedure that dental hygienist, or dentist can do for you. It will help to reduce sensitivity right away and as well they will give you the detailed instructions to continue treatment at home for full teeth recovery.

Keep in mind that professionals will always make it right within one appointment.  Trust your hygienist or dentist to choose the right products for you. Long term use teeth whitening products off the shelf can damage your teeth, give you unexpected result as well as cause sensitivity.

For safe and reliable whitening procedures choose dental professionals!