How Often do I Need Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Whenever you choose to blame your hectic family life, busy working schedule or demanding social life, one thing is for sure- we should find time to visit dentist and dental hygienist, or we might regret it later in our life.
My clients say all time that they brush 2-3 time a day and floss from time to time, so there is nothing to worry about! Remember even if you think you brush your teeth perfectly, you still leave something behind. If your teeth aren’t professionally cleaned at least twice a year, you have the risk of serious health issues like gum disease, coronary artery disease, respiratory problems, etc.

When you come for professional dental cleaning


1. Your dental hygienist will remove tartar/calculus build-up, stains that dull and discolor your teeth, so you’ll be left with a brighter, whiter smile.

2. Having your teeth cleaned can prevent gum disease, which leads to early tooth loss

3. Having your teeth cleaned you will have a healthier body

4. Abnormalities and early mouth cancer stages can be detected

6. You will be assessed for cavities and any other problems

7. You will be recommended, based on your needs, father important services

8. We help to fight with bad breath

Professional dental cleaning gives your dentist or hygienist an opportunity to compare the state of your oral health to that of previous visits.  Regular visits for dental cleaning will help to keep your gums healthy that will help to extend the life of your teeth, soft tissues and bone.